Hi, I’m Sebastian.
I make User Experiences Creatively Simple.

I have been creating digital experiences since 2008 & here is a little bit of info about myself. Enjoy!

Bit about me

I have always been a creative person, and since childhood, I was excited to create & build stuff.

My adventure with web design started in 2008, where instead of paying for a website (for my other business), I’ve decided to do it on my own. How hard could it be, I thought. ?

Well, it wasn’t. It just took some time, a web design course, and lots of patience. But I fell in love with it and wanted more. So, I’ve set up my own freelance company & started building websites for free just to build a portfolio & get practice.

However, after a while, I knew that only building websites wouldn’t be enough. So I went back to school and earned a degree in Interactive Media (where I learned a lot about design history, principles, art & branding) & right after that, I received a Bachelor of Science in Technology & Design. During my time in college, I learned more about UI, UX, digital marketing & social media marketing, but most of all, I learned the importance of research & preparation.

With the gained knowledge, I started creating more engaging websites, but this time user research was beginning to take a more significant part in my projects. I’ve also wanted to create more reactive user experiences, so I got deeper into HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript, and the jQuery library.

Thanks to my experience, I landed the role of Lead Creative in Phonovation ltd. & soon after, I was promoted to UX Designer & Lead Creative. There I gained a lot of real-life experience dealing with user research, conducting surveys, gathering feedback, designing user journeys, user scenarios, creating prototypes, and performing user testing.

During my time with Phonovation, I got more engaged in the coding world & passed Microsoft Exam in HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, and got another diploma in UX Design. Also, during my time with that company, I had the privilege to create one of the most enjoyable, challenging, and fun projects in my career.

My Experience

Since 2008 I have gained a great amount of experience in my freelance and the corporate field of work.

Full-Time | Flying Wild Hog
UX/UI Designer | 2022 – Present
City | Dublin, Ireland / Cracow, Poland

My newest & certainly most exciting adventure started in February 2022 when I managed to get position as UX/Ui Designer in this great Polish game development studio.

Full-Time | Phonovation Ltd.
UX Designer | 2013 – 2021
City | Dublin, Ireland

Here I got most of my professional skills in Front-End development, User Experience, User Interface, User-Centred Design, and many more. This is where I developed my personal design cycle & used it on almost all my projects.

I learned how important it is to research & define the stage. I also discovered how crucial it is for any product to have user engagement & feedback from the beginning, as well as how important it is to have a good process & that great designs take time & a lot of iterations.

Besides, here I’ve developed my design style that I call now “Creatively Simple.” Through the years I worked, together with developers and with the help of all people working there, we won some meaningful awards for our products.

Most notable were nominations for Eircom Spider Awards for BuyGameCredit, Cyber Product of the Year for our Fraud Prevention System, and Deloitte Best Managed Companies. We have also been Microsoft Silver Partner & achieved ISO27001 certification.

Self Employed | Totti.Design
Owner / Freelance Web & Graphic Designer | 2008 – Present
City | Dublin, Ireland

Since I’ve started my freelance work, I didn’t want to create only websites. I was passionate about designs in all forms, so I began to also work on graphic designs, banners, posters, leaflets & all kinds of printed materials.

Furthermore, I wanted to explore more about how design affects users, so I got deeper into creating brands, logos, and digital experiences.

Thanks to that, I gained an understanding of user-centred Design & got skills in marketing and social media presence.

My Skills



Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign


Adobe XD


Visual Studio Code




Wordpress CMS






Javascript / jQuery




My Education

Schools I’ve attended & degrees obtained

UX Design Institute

Location | Dublin, Ireland
Field of study | UX Design
Degree obtained | Professional Diploma in UX Design
Years attended | 2020

Technological University Dublin

Location | Dublin, Ireland
Field of study | Digital Technology & Design
Degree obtained | Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Digital Technology & Design
Years attended | 2013 – 2014

Dublin Institute of Design

Location | Dublin, Ireland
Field of study | Web Design & Interactive Media
Degree obtained | Higher National Diploma in Interactive Media
Years attended | 2012 – 2013

Dublin Business School

Location | Dublin, Ireland
Field of study | Web Design
Degree obtained | Web Design Diploma
Years attended | 2008

Upper – Secondary Schools of Communications

Location | Kraków, Poland
Field of study | Electronics and Communications Engineering
Degree obtained | Electronic Specialist
Years attended | 1995 – 1999

Other achievements & diplomas

Type of course | Microsoft Certifications
Location | Dublin, Ireland
Diploma | Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3

Hobbies & Passions

Besides being UX Designer & Front End Developer, I am a very passionate gamer & have a geek soul.

Mostly enjoy playing RPG Games (also pen & paper RPGs ), Action FPS, Strategy & Platformers. Because I was born in the 80’s I’m big into arcade gaming from that time, so much so that I’ve built my own arcade machine ? & trying to play it whenever I find time to do it; that is not so easy these days.

I’m also an enormous fan of graphic novels. Since I was 9 years old & was introduced to my first comic book series called Thorgal, I just fell in love with this type of art. I’m from Poland & at the time period in my country, access to comic books was extremely difficult. My parents went above & beyond to get me anything that was available. Usually once every few months. That long period of waiting made it even more exciting while reading it. I’m big into graphic novels, especially European ones like Thorgal, Yans, Funky Koval, Rork, but I also love Punisher, Lobo & Batman stories from mainstream comic book series.

On the non-geek side, I’m also a passionate snowboarder who loves to travel in his custom-built campervan, dog lover, and gym enthusiast. I also occasionally train boxing & Muay Thai.

And let’s not forget about my love for tattoos. Since my first one, I just got addicted to getting inked. Together with my very good friend Bartlomiej Kluczyk, who puts his talent on my skin, we are attending as many Tattoo Conventions as possible. Those places are great for meeting other creative people, getting some new perspectives on art & altogether great blast 😉

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